Assume that your project directory is ~/my_project. Using MySQL And manage you code with git. You want to deploying it to heroku and keeping working locally with MySQL. This is my solution:


Download and install heroku toolbelt.

After installed, you should got heroku command in CLI now.

cd to your project directory:

cd ~/my_project

Set up heroku app

Login to heroku with email and password:

heroku login

You might be asked to generate SSH publich key at first time login

Create and rename an heroku app

heroku create
heroku rename MY_PROJECT

Code modifications

Heroku provide 3 ways to use asset pipeline. I currently use “compiling assets locally”. It’s simple but less automatically.

Make sure your had set production environmnet correctly in local. Or you may encounter problems on running rake … RAILS_ENV=production.

rake db:create RAILS_ENV=production

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile

git add .
git commit -m "precompile assets"

To keep local working with MySQL. I opened a branch for heroku depolyment called heroku.

git branch heroku
git checkout heroku

Edit ~/my_project/Gemfile. change:

gem 'mysql2'

To this:

gem 'pg'

Now run bundle install

bundle install

Last, deploy to heroku

git push heroku heroku:master

If you are pushing local master branch to heroku than you should use git push heroku master


I like to keep heroku-related modifications to heroku branch. So merge frequently:

# modifications don on master...
git checkout heroku
git merge master --no-ff
git push heroku heroku:master